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High Performance autoclaves

Autoclave for Roller manufacturers

Save energy and costs with our high performance autoclaves.

As each autoclave has the capacity to hold 10 curing cycles, it offers you flexibility in the full curing process of any given product or compound.

Specially developed racking systems utilise all available space within our curing vessels, leading to significant energy and cost savings over time.

Our efficient racking system slides into the curing vessel, taking advantage of the entire width and height of the autoclave.

Autoclave Digital Overview Panel

Digital overview panel

Autoclave Control Panel

Control panel

Autoclave Door Mecanism

Door Mechanism



Curring Vessel - Hydraulic Loading System

Hydraulic loading system



Benefits of Rollertech autoclaves include:

  • All autoclaves within our new standard range are electric
  • Full consultancy service available complete with site survey to determine the most suitable autoclave for your needs
  • Energy efficient, when used with complementary racking system
  • Cost-effective, when used with complementary racking system
  • Meet all health and safety requirements


A range of optional equipment is available to enhance the performance of our autoclaves:

  • Racking Runway system – increase energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Silencers can be added to exhausts on all models – reduces noise and helps with health and safety legislation compliance
  • Colour customer specification at point of order
  • Chart recorder (paper version)
  • Full consultancy service – ensuring the autoclave meets your needs

Autoclave's specifications

Length Heating Kw Motor KW Total KW Amps Curing Weight
1200 mm 2000 mm 35 5.5 40.5 66 1750 kg
1200 mm 4000 mm 45 5.5 50.5 82 2000 kg
1200 mm 6000 mm 50 7.5 57.5 95 2250 kg
1500 mm 2000 mm 45 5.5 50.5 82 2250 kg
1500 mm 4000 mm 55 7.5 62.5 102 2250 kg
1500 mm 6000 mm 65 7.5 72.5 120 2500 kg
1800 mm 2000mm 60 7.5 67.5 110 2750 kg
1800 mm 4000 mm 70 11 81 132 3000 kg
1800 mm 6000 mm 80 11 91 150 3250 kg

The above calculations are based upon a maximum rate of 1.5 deg C per minute up to a maximum of 160 deg C.

We can accomodate any given profile of heating; up to a maximum of 200 deg C. Contact our office for further details.

In order to maximise efficiencies, please see our racking system for autoclaves.


We are able to offer both internal and external insulation depending on our customers' requirements.

For more information about Rollertech and our services that focus on the roller manufacturing industry please call + 44 (0) 1484 600 560 or complete our online contact form.