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Dust extractors and extraction systems

Achieve better manufacturing results

EA250 Dust Extraction systemCreate a comfortable, clean working environment with our high performance, mobile dust extraction systems.

Maintaining a clean, dust free environment can also help to achieve high levels of quality during manufacture.

Our range of high performance, dust extraction systems are particularly suited to the rubber roller manufacturing industry.

For ultimate flexibility and ease of use, all our dust extraction systems are mobile and compact.  They can be moved and re-installed, in the most appropriate location, in a matter of minutes.

Extremely powerful, our mobile dust extraction systems operate with a special, large, air supply for enhanced suction.

Safety is paramount and all our extraction systems comply with current health and safety legislation requirements, including TRGS 553.  They also offer a guaranteed residual dust amount within safety guidelines of 0.2mg/m3.

Optional Cyclone system For Dust Extractor

Optional Cyclone system

Optional Jet Cleaning System For Dust Extractor

Optional Jet Cleaning

EA160 Mobile Extraction System For Dust Extractor

EA160 Mobile Extraction

Benefits of Rollertech mobile dust extraction systems include:

  • Achieve high levels of quality during manufacturing
  • Flexible – mobile, compact system that can be relocated quickly and easily
  • Extremely effective – powerful suction system
  • Comfortable, clean, working environment – meets all health and safety guidelines
  • Fit for purpose – designed with the rubber roller manufacturing industry in mind


For enhanced performance, select from our list of optional extras:

Silencer 8dB (A) EA 200/250/300

For quieter operation

  • Designed as a sound insulation hood fully encapsulating the air outlet opening and fan motor
  • Includes sound absorbing elements and integrated, modified air outlet
  • Reduction of sound level approx 8 dB(A)
Jet cleaning system

Convenient cleaning system

  • Reverse jet cleaning for continuous operating mode, with additional sound insulation hood
  • Designed for use in non-hazardous areas
  • Alternative to standard shaking device
  • Pneumatic connection: 1”/25mm (on site)
  • Working pressure: 4.5 bar
  • Air consumption: ca.120 NL, per row of hoses
  • Pulse duration of 0.2 sec
Water based extinguishing system

For enhanced safety

  • Heat differential detector
  • Manual release extinguishing system
  • 1”/25mm design nozzles, minifog nozzle, magnectic valve, etc. for Mobile Deduster EA 250 and EA 300

Technical Specification

EA - 160-3 EA - 200-3.5 EA - 200-4 EA - 250-4 EA - 250-5 EA - 300-7.5
Suction Connection Diameter 160mm 200mm 200mm 250mm 250mm 300mm
Motor - rating 400V 3.0 kW 50hz 400V 3.5 kW 50hz 400V 4.0 kW 50hz 400V 4.0 kW 50hz 400V 5.5 kW 50hz 400V 7.5 kW 50hz
Filter Area 9.2 m2 12.6 m2 12.6 m2 12.6 m2 23 m2 28 m2
Rated Volume Flow 2050m3/h 2720m3/h 2970m3/h 4600m3/h 5050m3/h 5999m3/h
Minimum Volume Flow 1447m3/h 2262m3/h 2470m3/h 3534m3/h 3534m3/h 5089m3/h
Underpressure to interface with Vmin 2580Pa 1530Pa 2060Pa 1900Pa 2750Pa 2700Pa
Collection Volume 200 lt 330 lt 330 lt 495 lt 495 lt 495 lt
Max Sound Pressure Level 70 dB(A) 78 dB(A) 78 dB(A) 83 dB(A) 83 dB(A) 85 dB(A)
Dedusting Automatic Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


EA - 160-3 EA - 200-3.5 EA - 200-4 EA - 250-4 EA - 250-5 EA - 300-7.5
Measurements ( L x W x H ) 1550 x 765 x 1950 2256 x 988 x 2100 2256 x 988 x 2100 2830 x 1250 x 2500 2830 x 1250 x 2500 2610 x 1250 x 2500
Dedusting Automatic Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

For more information about the dust extraction systems available from Rollertech, please call + 44 (0) 1484 600 560 or complete our online contact form.