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January 2012

At Rollertech we are very pleased to announce that we can offer our potential new customers the chance to visit us in the UK. You can now see the Optimus Latitude Grinder, The Three Roll Builder TRB1750 Auto T, The Thermocutter and other smaller items operating within a fully commercial environment. A customers in the UK has kindly allowed us to show these machines in their factory. The success they have had in production, efficiency and profitability can be witnessed first hand. I hope you will find time this year to come and see how Rollertech can help transform your production facility.

November 2011

Rollertech increases its market presence by selling to a further 10 countries. Rollertech now has established customers in 49 Countries.

October 2011

The Optimus Latitude enters a new market. Whilst the benefits of this Grinder have been proven in the Graphics, Industrial and Textile markets, this month sees the machine enter into the regrind market.

Metaprint of Estonia took delivery of a 2m Optimus Latitude to ensure they had full control of quality and down time of their production line – manufacturing and printing metal packaging. They are now able to regrind Polyurethane rollers in a matter of minutes instead of hours, or by sending them away for time consuming costly regrinds.

This investment has saved valuable time and money in their drive for efficiencies, without the need to extensive training or grinding knowledge.

November 2010

We are delighted to announce we recently recruited two new European sales agents covering Begium, Holland, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

May 2010

Rollertech attended the Rubber Roller Annual General Meeting in St. Louis Missouri - USA. We addressed the conference with a presentation on Roller Manufacturing Technology.
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May 2009

Rollertech attended the Rubber Roller Annual General Meeting in Orlando Florida - USA. We addressed the conference with a presentation on Strip Building V Three Roll Building Techniques.

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