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We’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of roll builders for the roller manufacturing industry – but we would say that, wouldn’t we?

The real test of the quality of our products and service is what our customers think and say about us. Keep reading to discover how our customers have benefited, by reduced costs and increased profits, since installing our roll builder machines.

What our customers say

Clifton Rubber Co. Ltd - Brian Burton – UK - TRB 1750 Auto

Clifton Rubber Co Ltd purchased a three roll builder – specification number TRB1750 Auto 240 volts – in December 1999.

It was installed in our factory and has been fully utilised since that date without any problems or breakdowns.

It has proved to provide a reliable and efficient method of applying calendared sheet to metal shafts giving good consolidation of the rubber with no creasing or air trapping.

The automatic system for the control of overall diameter is effective and provides consistent and uniform rolls.

We would have no hesitation in recommending this machine to any company needing to apply rubber sheeting to metal shafts in an efficient and controlled manner.

Brian Burton, Clifton Rubber Co. Ltd.

Allmake Rollers Limited - Andrew Thomas – UK – TRB 1750 Auto

With reference to the 3 Roll Builder. This is the best machine we have purchased for the production of rollers and we would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone.

Andrew Thomas, Allmake Rollers Limited

Westland Rollers Ltd - Ben Brookes – UK - TRB 1750 Auto

Regarding the three roll builders supplied to the Westland Group.

Key benefits of product

We have found the engineering of the machine to be of a high standard, the positioning and installation was as promised straight forward and hassle free.

We have been able to reduce overbuild by 4mm and almost eliminate air enclosure between rubber layers. The feature that automatically stops the machine at a given size is of great use, in both time and waste control.

Pay back of investment

We are able to make a 4 minute reduction in the time of building an average roller which gives us a saving of 2 Euros per piece, we have calculated with a production of 12,000 rollers the payback time to be one year.

Ben Brooks, UK sales manager, Westland Rollers Ltd.

Rubena a.s. Czech Republic – Woven Nylon

“We are much satisfied with the quality of your products (wrappings). They are very durable, repeatedly applicable and that is why their consumption is not high.”

Rubena a.s

TG Eakin Ltd. – Eire – Knife Heater & Knives

“I am still happy with our purchase which is used almost daily and we have not had any difficulties with it at all.”

TG Eakin Ltd

Imperial Rubber – USA – Service & TRB

“Your Company really projects as a class operation. You are to be congratulated.”

Imperial Rubber

BFS Pressroom Solutions – Martin Buckner, General Manager - UK – Optimus Latitude & TRB

“We have only been using the new equipment for a few weeks but we have already seen a marked improvement in productivity. We are able to finish rollers much quicker and to a higher quality.”

BFS Pressroom Solutions - Read more about this customer installation

Printing Roller Services – Lee Patterson – UK – Optimus Latitude

“PRS Use, The Optimus Latitude to improve your printing business! Technologically-advanced rubber roller grinding. Guaranteed precision grinding.”  

Printing Roller Services

Populer – Indonesia – Mr Edy Susanto – TRB 1750 Auto T

“The machine now running well. I am very glad with your machine”


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