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A versatile machine

Roller Station

Rollertech's workstation is designed to fit into and enhance your current production process. Its versatility means it can be utilised at various points within production.

Tailor made for the rubber roller industry, this specialised roller workstation is particularly suited to the graphic roller industry.

In comparison with alternative solutions, such as old lathes, this Roller Station has many key advantages:

  • Significant cost savings on energy
  • Increased efficiency due to flexibility of location
  • Small footprint & robust construction
  • Allows focus on Quality Control and Preparation, thus reducing over all grinding times
  • Simple to use controls

Morse Taper ER32 for Roller Sation

Morse Taper ER32

Magnetic swith unit for Roller Staion

Magnetic Switch Unit

Quick release tailstock

Quick release tailstock

Robust cast bed for stability

Robust cast bed for

Optional Facing Off Tool Support

Optional Facing Off Tool Support

Graduated scales for accurate set ups

Graduated scales for accurate set ups

Pre Grind

Facing of rollers is a common bottle neck within roller production. Often this is done on an old lathe or even the Grinder rollers are being completed on. This involves long set up times and increased training and multi skilling for employees. This simple and easy workstation can be fitted with our optional facing tool support, making facing or chamfering rollers a very simple process.

Whilst located in a Pre grind location there is also the possibility of being able to apply colour identification to rolls.

Post Grid

In this location, rollers can be polished and inspected on a one to one basis, whilst another roller is being ground. A ground roller can be polished, inspected and wrapped all whilst being in the workstation. This controlled approach not only improves quality, but also maximises the efficiency and productivity of the single operator.

The optional facing off tool support can also be used at this completion stage to add any required chamfers.

Technical specification

  • Distance between centres 2000mm
  • Maximum Work piece diameter 250mm
  • Electronic, Stepless speed adjustment from 150rpm to 2900rpm
  • Magnetic Switch Unit for maximum operator comfort
  • Reversing switch for changing the direction of rotation
  • 400V AC motor - 2.2 kW / 400V mains
  • Tailstock with eccentric clamp
  • Ejector rod for main spindle
  • Cast Bed for Stability
  • Soft start and stop
  • 3MT fitting for Headstock and Tailstock


Overall Length = 2785mm (2m Rollerstation)
3785mm (3m Rollerstation)
Height = 1250mm
Width = 550mm
Weight = 275KG

For more information about our roller stations for roller manufacturers, please call + 44 (0) 1484 600 560 or complete our online contact form.