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Storage Racks for Rubber Rollers

Store and move your rubber rollers quickly, easily and safely with our range of racking and trolleys, designed especially for the rubber roller industry.

Racking Systems for Rubber RollersStatic racking

Created to hold rubber rollers during the manufacturing process, static racking can help to avoid accidental damage to rubber rollers.

Available in sizes ranging from 1,000mm to 3,000mm, in 100mm increments.

To maximise the racking space available, static racking can be loaded from both sides.

Wall racking

For premises with limited floor space, wall racking is a convenient alternative. 

Available in sizes ranging from 1,000mm to 2,500mm, in 100mm increments.

Mobile racking

As with static racking, mobile racking can be loaded from both sides to maximise space available.  Mobile racking also includes poly-tyre castors, enabling the racking to be moved from one location to another quickly, easily and safely.

Available in sizes ranging from 1,000mm to 3,000mm, in 100mm increments.

Typical mobile racking dimensions

Typical Mobile Racking Dimensions

Curing racks

Curing racks are designed bespoke to fit your autoclave.  Curing racks can be designed and produced for both old and new autoclaves.

By maximising the space available for curing, our curing racks increase efficiencies and aid cost control.

Mobile roller trolley

Ideal for transporting large, heavy rollers quickly and easily, mobile roller trolleys reduce the risk of accidental damage.

Mobile trolleys can be designed bespoke to your specifications.

Benefit from our range of quality roller racks

  • Space saving – can be wall mounted or free standing depending on the space available
  • Cost-effective – curing racks use all available space in autoclave
  • Reduce risk of accidental damage – stores rubber rollers safely out of the way, while trolleys transport heavy rollers safely and easily
  • Increase health and safety – move large, heavy rollers easily and safely with roller trolleys
  • Convenient – safe and convenient way to store and move rollers during the manufacturing process

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