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Roll Activator

Fast and effective roller core preparation

Roll Activator for Roller manufacturers

Roll activators are an effective and convenient way to prepare roller cores during the roller building process.

Using a centre-less approach, the roll activator removes the remaining residue of old rubber coating, quickly and easily.

It then roughens the face to increase the surface area of the core.

Finally, it activates the metal surface needed for reliable bonding.

Roller guide system - Rollactivator

Roller guide system

KS100 with optional V brush guide system

Optional V brush guide

Pneumatic pressure control and adjustment

Pneumatic pressure control

Roller guide system - Rollactivator

With Mobile Extraction

KS100 with optional V brush guide system

Guide Wheel

Benefits of Rollertech roll activators include:

  • Decrease preparation time – quick and easy removal of old rubber coating
  • Fast and efficient – wide range of roughness available to meet exact needs  
  • Optimum results – variable pressures and high process speed
  • Extremely user-friendly – variable travelling speed
  • Safe and clean – includes belt cover and dust collector

KS100 Roll Activator Technical DrawingOptions

A range of optional equipment is available to enhance the performance of our roll activators:

  • Optional soft start mechanism for ease of use
  • Additional 1 metre Roller Guide system for ease of loading
  • V Brush guide system for optimum performance

KS100 Technical Specification

  • 415 Volt 3 Phase 50 Hz
  • Motor 4Kw
  • 1450 / 2900 rpm with soft start
  • Belt length 100mm x 4000mm
  • Feed speed infinitely variable
  • Diameter range 10mm to 250mm
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning

For full specifications of our range of roll activators, please call now on + 44 (0) 1484 600 560 or complete our online contact form.