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Three Roll Builders

Fast, efficient rubber roller manufacture

three Roll Builders for Roller ManufacturersOur three roll builders are designed specifically for the rubber roller industry. 

Offering increased manufacturing speeds without compromising quality, our Three Roll Builders can significantly improve production capabilities and save costs.

The technologically advanced design of our Three Roll Builder eliminates air entrapment and de-lamination, normally associated with alternative roller building methods.

Our series of 3, CE approved standard Three Roll Builders are designed to suit the needs of most rubber roller manufacturers.

Benefits of Three Roll Builder include:

  • Eliminates air entrapment and de-lamination leading to improved quality of finished product
  • Faster, more efficient rubber roller manufacturing – leading to increased production capacity
  • Fit for purpose – designed for use in the rubber roller manufacturing industry
  • Reduce waste – can help to avoid overbuild
  • Save costs – fast and efficient rubber roller manufacturing process
  • CE approved machinery – offering you peace of mind in its performance
  • Customer specified colour

Easy to use controls on Rollertech's Roll Builder

Easy to use controls

Pressure roller - 3 roll builder

Pressure roller

Rewind motor for polythene or paper

Rewind motor


To meet the needs of most rubber roller manufacturers, we offer 3 standard, Three Build Roller machines:

TRB Standard model:

A manually operated roll builder, ideal for small companies and start-up businesses.

A cost-effective alternative to our more sophisticated machines, the TRB Standard, offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Ideal starter roll builder
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast and efficient roller production
  • Eliminates air entrapment

However, with the TRB Standard model, build diameter must be measured manually to avoid excess overbuild.

TRB Auto model:

An automatic roll builder, particularly suited to high volume rubber roller production, the TRB Auto can be programmed to ensure a set diameter of overbuild.

Rotation stops automatically when the correct roller diameter is reached.  This reduces the risk of unnecessary overbuild, thereby helping to save costs.

For ease of use, the top pressure roller automatically lifts, allowing the finished roller to be removed and the next one loaded.

Benefits of the TRB Auto model, include:

  • Suitable for high volume production
  • Automatically eliminates unnecessary overbuild
  • Cost-effective – reduces unnecessary waste
  • Fast and efficient roller production
  • Eliminates air entrapment
  • Easy to use
TRB Auto T model:

One of the fastest and most efficient roller builder machines in the world today.

Offering all the benefits of the TRB Auto model, the TRB Auto T also includes automatic polythene take-up. 

There is no need to stop periodically and clear away polythene, allowing incredibly fast and efficient production of large quantities of rubber rollers.

As with the TRB Auto model, the automatic roller diameter, avoids unnecessary overbuild and saves costs.

Many customers now enjoy the benefits of our TRB Auto T roll builder, which include:

  • Suitable for extremely high volume production
  • Extremely fast and efficient roller production – no need to clear away polythene
  • Automatically eliminates unnecessary overbuild
  • Cost-effective – reduces unnecessary waste
  • Eliminates air entrapment
  • Easy to use

General technical specifications for three roll builders

  • Electrics 110 / 230 volts single phase 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Maximum length of roller face for covering 1500, 1750, 2000mm
  • Min diameter of rollers for covering 25mm
  • Max diameter if rollers for covering 430mm
  • Digital readout for build size
  • Automatic cut off for build size
  • Automatic take up of polythene
  • Variable speed for build / take-up spool
  • Wrapping device with variable angle setting of rollers to increase / decrease bandaging pressures

For more information about Rollertech and our standard and bespoke roll builder machines for the roller manufacturing industry please call + 44 (0) 1484 600 560 or complete our online contact form.

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