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Rollershield for Rubber RollersProtective packaging for rubber rollers

Protect your rollers and other manufactured products from damage during transit and storage with Rollershield from Rollertech. 

Suitable for tubes, bars, rods, profiles, cylinders and shafts, Rollershield is specially designed packaging that protects and preserves the integrity of your products. 

A flexible combination of wood fibre strips and special paper / plastic coatings, Rollershield Lamiflex replaces wood cases, slats and layers of paper / plastic wrappings.  In turn this can lead to significant weight savings and associated cost savings.  

High quality, recyclable packaging

Multi-use and multi-functional, Rollershield is seawater resistant, UV stable and offers antirust protection in a single wrap.   

Environmentally friendly and recyclable, Rollershield is a quality packaging material, manufactured to ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 standards. 

Roller Shields

Rollershields for rubber rollers

cardboard shields for rubber rollers

filling a shield on rubber rollers

Facilitates manufacturing process

Rollershield offers the potential to automate the wrapping and packing process.  It is supplied fan folded on pallets and offers huge savings in packing / despatch time for a whole range of products.   

For ease, Rollershield is supplied cut to your desired length, up to 6.20m (20ft). To complement Rollershield, superior sealing tape, 500mm x 50m, is also available. 

For marketing purposes, Rollershield can be branded with your company logo.  

Benefits of Rollershield protective packaging: 

  • Cost effective – Rollershield offers weight and time savings
  • Quality product – Rollershield protects a range of products during storage and transit
  • Raise awareness – Rollershield can be printed with your company logo and name
  • Convenient – Rollershield is supplied to your specification
  • Environmentally friendly – Rollershield is recyclable and manufactured to ISO 9001 and 14001 specifications

Supply options

Supply Options for Rollershield

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