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Strip Extruders

Rollertech (UK) Ltd partners Italmatic for the supply of Rubber Extruders to the Rubber Roller Industry.

  • Available with 3 different extrusion screw sizes – 50mm / 90mm / 120mm
  • Suitable for different size rollers and hardness of compounds
  • Diameter building range, 30mm to 2000mm depending on specified model
  • Length of building range, 100mm to 12000mm depending on specified model
  • Built with solid lathe bed, anchored to the ground for maximum stability
  • Sliding Chassis on two steel rails, on which 4 wheels with strong bearing are moving.
  • Mounted on this are a reducer with parallel axels, the hydraulic power station, the motor controlling the extrusion group (consisting of cylinder, screw, head), the group controlling the the translation and the potentiometer group (which according to the high or low position of the balancing axle accelerates or reduces the extrusion speed) Options include – model dependent
  • Articulated arm for covering the sidewalls of rollers
  • Steady rests to support the rollers when it has considerable weight and length
  • Motors more suitable for Tropical climates
  • PLC driven computer that can be programmed to control all aspects of the build
  • Special screw for extruding Silicone>

All Italmatic machinery is backed up with years of experience, after sales and dedicated installation and training engineers. This ensures your investment is in prime condition and can be used from Day 1.


Italmatic MRC PDF Extruder